Next Gen Personal Finance's (NGPF) annual PAYBACK Challenge gives high school students across the country a chance to win a $2500 Grand Prize for their educational pursuits.

Each student participating in the NGPF Payback Challenge played PAYBACK, an award-winning college simulation game, and then chose between writing an essay or creating a video in response to the following prompt:

Now that you’ve explored a college experience by playing PAYBACK, what did you learn from the game that you’ll be able to apply to your future experiences? Include relevant excerpts from the PAYBACK game to enhance your key points.

Teachers nominated the best essay or video from their class to be judged. Submissions were evaluated based on creativity, clarity, and demonstration of an understanding of key concepts learned from playing PAYBACK. Thousands of students across the country participated this year with nearly 1,000 teachers submitting entries.

Mya Neshem of Berthold was named an Honorable Mention and received a $1,000 scholarship to help in furthering her education. Mya was nominated by her Financial Literacy teacher, Mrs. Eide.