Dawn Eide

Huge congratulations are in order for Bomber Nation's own Dawn Eide!  She was recently awarded Microsoft's 2022 Alumni School Award "For achievement in computer science education."  This award is in recognition of all the work Mrs. Eide has put in to learning and teaching Intro to Computer Programming through Microsoft's TEALS program.  

TEALS is a program that pairs up volunteer computer programmers with teachers.  These programmers are able to help the teacher learn coding and teach it to their students.  When Berthold first started the program several years ago, the programmer took the lead position while Mrs. Eide completed trainings and learned from them.  Having completed training through TEALS and Code.org, Mrs. Eide leads the teaching and builds the curriculum now.  TEALS programmers are available to assist students as an extra support during class times.

We are proud of Mrs. Eide and all of the hard work she had done in order to offer this quality computer programming class!  Congratulations!