Hall of Fame


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Berthold School is establishing a Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame will have three membership categories:

  1. Contributor - This category is reserved for community members, former staff members, and other school supporters who have devoted their time and energy to the success and improvement of the Berthold School and its students. 
  2. Alumni Achievement (post-graduation) - This category is reserved for Berthold School graduates who have went on to achieve great things in their personal or professional life after graduating from Berthold School.
  3. Alumni Achievement (pre-graduation) - This category is reserved for Berthold School graduates who attained extraordinary success in academics, extracurriculars, and/or community service while attending Berthold School.

Nomination and Selection Process

  • Nominees will be solicited from the public each year. 
  • The deadline to nominate an individual is May 1.
  • An inaugural HOF class selection committee will be formed.
    • Hall of Fame nominees may not serve on the committee
    • The Inaugural HOF class committee will consist of seven current staff and at least one school board member.
    • The Hall of Fame committee will develop a formal selection criteria.
    • After the inaugural class is selected, two Hall of Famers will be added to the next year's selection committee.
    • The selection committee will determine a date to announce the 2023 inaugural hall of fame class

Hall of Famers

  • Hall of Famers will have a plaque added to a new hall of fame wall at the school with a picture and bio.
  • The Hall of Fame class of 2023 will be recognized and presented with an award at a 2023-24 home basketball game. Hall of Famers will receive a lifetime pass to all home activities, contests, and performances.