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Unity and Interschool Activities

Last year, the district direction committee identified district unity as a value we would like to cultivate. We feel that greater unity between NSP and Berthold is critical if we wish to get the maximum benefit out of our relationship. To us, “maximum benefit” means establishing a system of collaboration and communication that ensures each school will share mutually beneficial knowledge, skills, and resources. To achieve greater unity, we are employing several strategies, one of which we call "interschool activities". Interschool activities involve getting students from both schools together at the class level to develop positive relationships. This year, an activity is planned for every class every quarter. So by the end of 6th grade, students will have been involved in nearly thirty positive, structured, relationship-building experiences with their same age peers from the district’s other school. We are focusing on the students because kids are generally less rigid in their views whereas adult opinions are far more resistant to change. We have nearly completed the first round of interschool activities. To publicize these events, we will send out a newsletter detailing the various experiences. Ultimately, we hope to see positive movement on a survey we administered earlier this month. We will re-administer the survey in the spring. If you have any questions or comments about interschool activities or anything else happening in the district, please contact me.