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Global Read Aloud

Lewis and Clark North Shore Plaza and Berthold students are participating in the 2018 Global Read-Aloud! The idea behind the GRA is simple: One book to connect the world. During the 9th annual Global Read-Aloud, more than 18,500 different locations will participate and more than 1.5 million kids are being read aloud to. Over the next 6+ weeks, Mrs. Brown’s and Mrs. Stroschein’s 7th and 8th grade English classes will be reading the book Refugee by Alan Gratz. Through this project, Berthold and Plaza students will be communicating and collaborating to share their ideas and thoughts on this moving novel. In addition, Mrs. Brown’s class has planned to connect and collaborate with students from Ottawa, Ontario and Lyon, France. Mrs. Stroschein’s class plans to connect with students in Alberta and New Jersey.


Refugee by Alan Gratz

Reading with headphones


Reading on tablet