We Fuel Hope

Introducing "We Fuel Hope: Volleying Against Cancer." The organization's mission is to convey the message of providing both practical and emotional support to cancer patients. The name "We Fuel Hope" symbolizes the organization's commitment to alleviating transportation expenses and bringing a sense of optimism and encouragement to those battling cancer. It combines the idea of fueling - providing gas cards - with the concept of hope, signifying the positive impact the organization aims to make in the lives of cancer patients.

Eligibility of Gas Card Applicants

 The following are eligible to apply for gas cards.  Priority will be given in this order.

  1. Any student or staff member of North Shore Plaza School 

  2. Any grandparent, parent/guardian, or sibling of a student or staff at North Shore Plaza School 

  3. Any resident of the Lewis and Clark School district 

  4. Any Aunt, Uncle, Cousin or In-Law of a student or staff member of North Shore Plaza


Gas Card Application Process

  1. Qualified applicants may apply for gas cards every month.

  2. Applications can be submitted by eligible individuals themselves or nominated by others.

  3. The application form shall be made available on the North Shore Plaza official website.

  4. The deadline for submitting applications shall be the 15th of each month.

  5. The committee shall review all applications and make decisions regarding the distribution of gas cards.


Gas Card Distribution

  1. Up to five $50 gas cards shall be awarded each month.

  2. The gas cards shall be distributed to the selected applicants by the committee members.

  3. The gas cards shall be valid for use at recognized gas stations and shall not be transferable or redeemable for cash.